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Dear Friends

Welcome to our web page.  Here you can find updates on touring, music, videos and more. 

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Latest News


"Are you sure that we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream." This quote from Shakespeare is the central theme for Still Corners new sonic masterpiece "The Dream", the latest single from their upcoming 6th Album "Dream Talk". The video is based on the duo's deep love of mystery novels and cosy crime fiction. Tessa Murray plays a new character called "Penelope Braithwaite" as she investigates the "Mystery of the Repeating Dream".

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Still Corners will release their sixth album "Dream Talk" on 5th April 2024.  Beautifully arranged, elegant and wistful, Dream Talks is a set of ten carefully crafted classic songs.   From the autumnal opener "Today is the Day" to the hot summer night finale of "Turquoise Moon", Still Corners have created a sound that is focused, stylish and seductive. You can pre-order on limited edition coke bottle green vinyl, CDs or on Bandcamp

Still Corners Subtropical by Bernard Bur.jpg


Still Corners has also announced tour dates in the United States, Mexico and Europe in April and May 2024. The full list of dates is here.

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