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Still Corners single Don't Fall in Love


On August 12, 2010 Still Corners released their DON'T FALL IN LOVE/WISH 7-inch on legendary British psychedelic label The Great Pop Supplement.  Side A contained the single Don't Fall in Love with the B-side Wish.  Written and recorded by Greg Hughes in the band's studio in Greenwich, London.  The cover art was photographed by film maker/ photographer Garry Sykes and is a re-creation of an outtake from Rosemary's Baby.  Unusually the band decided to release the B-side Wish as the first single and brought on board videographer Lucy Dyson to film the Virgin Suicides inspired video filmed in Greenwich Park, London and shot on 16 mm.  The Great Pop Supplement ran a first pressing of 350 which sold out the first day leading to a second pressing which also sold out in a few days.  The combination of the pressing/sales and video led to the band being courted by a number of labels.  In the end Sub Pop flew over to see the band play at St. Giles church in London and signed the band in the Angel Pub by Denmark St.


The video for Wish was filmed by Lucy Dyson on 16 mm in Greenwich Park, London.

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