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Still Corners album Creatures of an Hour


CREATURES OF AN HOUR was the first LP Still Corners released on Sub Pop on October 11 2011.  Recorded by Tessa and Greg in the band's Greenwich, London based studio, most of these songs came from duo's earliest writing sessions and demos while they both lived in Putney.

Reflecting a love of psychedelic English folk music, Broadcast, and the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop, Creatures of an Hour was met with wide critical acclaim.

Rehearsals with the newly formed live band consisted of Leon Dufficy (Winter Drones, Psychic Markers, My Sad Captains) and Luke Jarvis (Psychic Markers) with Greg on drums. The band's live shows largely consisted of turning off all the lights and playing against a large projection screen of visuals made by Leon Dufficy.


Cuckoo was the first single released by Sub Pop and featured on both a double a-side 7" with Endless Summer and on the band's first LP, Creatures of an Hour.


Directed by Lucy Dyson, the Cuckoo video continued the ghostly theme first explored through the Wish video, with Tessa trapped in a pink haze.


Oliver Murray directed the video for Into the Trees, the second single from Creatures of an Hour.

In the Rolling Stone premiere, Greg explained, "the song is a response to a quote from Jack Kerouac...'Ah, life is a gate, a way, a path to Paradise anyway, why not live for fun and joy and love or some sort of girl by a fireside, why not go to your desire and LAUGH...'"



The video for Endless Summer was directed by Georgia Hudson and filmed in South East London.

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