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Still Corners album, Dead Blue


DEAD BLUE was the third LP Still Corners released and the first on their newly formed label Wrecking Light on September 16, 2016.

Written and recorded in a makeshift studio in a beach house in Deal, Kent, this album was inspired by the often sombre vibe of this small and beautiful seaside town.  Large bay windows in the living room gave stunning views of the beach and sea just outside.  This large expanse of blue was a constantly moving feast - little boats, big ships, seals, massive clouds, storms, lightning.  Overall the days were calm, dark, and cloudy giving the water an endless expansive feel which directly inspired the title - Dead Blue.  Focusing less on guitar and relying more on a collection of analogue synthesisers, Still Corners continued to explore their brand of atmospheric music with a more melancholic and mechanic sythesised sound.


Lost Boys was first video directed and filmed by Greg Hughes. It sees the band performing in a pulsing, brooding underworld for the song inspired by Brian Wilson, the original lost boy.

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