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Still Corners album, Slow Air


SLOW AIR is the fourth album by Still Corners, released on Wrecking Light on 17 August 2018.  Evoking the atmospheric sounds Still Corners are known for, Slow Air continues the band's journey with an album full of tension and brooding all the while wrapped in a reverb laden dream.

The album title is derived from the sultry heat in Texas which causes everything and everyone to slow down.  While writing Slow Air, Still Corners found inspiration in the change of leaving England for the States and traveling around the massive expanse that is North America from the deserts of Texas and Arizona to the beaches of California and mountainous regions of the north east.

Recorded in a new studio designed by Greg Hughes in Austin, TX, Still Corners focused on a recording process that was as fluid and minimal as possible. Using a variety of microphones both old and new, the band recorded and mixed this new set of songs in three months.  Keeping everything fresh and not over-thinking moved the album to the finish line faster than any album Still Corners had written and recorded before.  Joe Laporta made the finishing touches at Sterling Sound in NYC. 


Black Lagoon is the lead single from Still Corners 4th album Slow Air. With clean toned electric guitar, a driving beat, and the smoky crooning of Tessa Murray, Black Lagoon contains the shimmering atmospherics Still Corners are well known for. The cinematic video that accompanies the track finds the band on a journey from the desert to the ocean in search of a lost Eden. Filmed over a month in California, Arizona and Texas and shot on a small handheld cinema camera, the band travels across America in a white mustang convertible searching and reaching into the unknown.


The Photograph is the second single from Still Corners August 17, 2018 release, SLOW AIR.  The Photograph is an elegant darkly romantic torch song dedicated to a lover long gone, only a photograph left to remind.  Simmering clean-tone electric guitar mixed with huge bended distorted licks collide with Tessa Murray's vocals crooning softly on the verse and digging in more on the chorus to create an emotional tapestry about lost love.


The accompanying visuals have Tessa striking out along a lonesome highway to a destination unknown.  The black and white film was captured by the band in the Arizona desert.


The Message is the third single from Slow Air. It is a song about leaving someone and telling them on voicemail. Atmospheric clean-tone guitar mixes with Tessa Murray's voice as it floats over a lonesome highway recording. 

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